Round 2 of the HVDS Track champs series at Hidden Valley and the crew were down there for photos and videos as usual.  +Auki Henry brought down the FS700 rig to grab some Slow Motion detail.

Auki & Ed Trackside - Image: Jeremy Horvath
The new rig is definitely harder to shoot with than an ENG camera setup but it is well worth the while if you can get used to the settings and react quickly enough to use them in the dynamic start line area which is usually a bustle of unpredictable activity.

It's a dog-eat-dog cycle though, the cine style FS700 lends itself more readily to shots where you can carefully adjust at leisure to the conditions you are shooting and for objects that don't move unexpectedly (or fast).  And we all know that leisurely conditions and predictable objects are NOT words associated with competition drag racing.

Practice pays off though, we will be bringing the FS700 along to the next ANDRA round and considering a showing at the upcoming Gazza Nats in July as well.

See you trackside!

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