Fear Monaro Burnout Car

The FEAR Monaro tears up the Hidden Valley Colosseum in Darwin

Fred Watson. Pleasing the crowds is his thing, and so is
making it look easy!
Fred Watson was in town recently for the 2013 NT Titles and the crew caught up with him to film a promo for the well known burnout car.

Planning a promo with enough footage to cover the theme at an event is always a hard one to think through.  The timings and schedule do not always meet the optimum shooting conditions so we were in luck when we found out Fred was due to come out for a sunset session on the burnout pad.  Because all shots are done on a single take we generally find it easier to put as many angles on the subject as we can, in this particular instance we had planned 7 cameras in total 3 x GoPro cameras mounted bonnet roof and driver facing, 3 external cameras recording in ISO from various angles and 1 x GoPro carried on a phantom quad copter.  Unfortunately due to the phantom's inability to get a GPS lock in time; our on-board tech was a bit reluctant to let it fly near the crowd so we missed that unique vantage angle.

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