By HighRPM Staff writer/photographer +Mike ONeill
Familiar faces ... it's all part of the job

It's 33 degrees and a light breeze. The sun is my enemy and the mind is racing at a hundred miles per hour whilst I scan the race program and constantly find myself looking up towards the sun to accommodate my next shooting position. I am not looking forward to walking much further.

 The track is 2.87km. It's walked at least 3 times during the day with a full kit of gear over rocks, hills, fences, being bitten by Green Ants as you brush past trees to get a better aspect, your shooting hand resembles something akin to arthritis because it has not moved from that position...and sometimes trampling over spectators running to the next section. Include the repetitive track crossings to the merchandise/pit areas between races for photos and you get an idea of what it's like.

 There's no drinking alcohol whatsoever until the day is done. No infringing on media guidelines or rules. It's work.

The workload is enormous believe it or not.  Never a case of scoring a blue singlet and just ambling around the outside of the fence shooting images.  It's an 8:30am to 8pm stint.    It's a hellava lot of walking.  All the media photographers do the same - our goal at the end of the day is to find a nice shady spot with a chair...and just.....sit!.

You get home after dark and then have to process all the images. Thousands of them. Which one to choose, which one portrays the event. So much is photographed that the effort for reward goes out the window...but at the end of the day one has done what has been asked, and with some satisfaction I must add.

 The most enjoyable part is actually reviewing the images, lamenting on the laughs and people you've met and cracking that first beer open.

 Was it worth it all? You bet it was!

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