Presenter as well as steadycam!  Auki Henry
Filming with Speedweeks Summer Boag 2013
ANDRA Desert Nationals in Alice Springs
The last couple of years has been a whirlwind of memorable moments for the HighRPM crew since the series beginning in early 2010.

Starting out with the first ever professional Territory format for motorsports coverage, cutting our tooth at the Hidden Valley raceway covering drag racing and circuit events with an intial team of 4 presenters we have now covered many major events here in Australia's north and become a recogniseable brand, not only for video but for photographic promotional work as well.

Even those who have followed our progression in the few short years that we have been around are suprised to learn of some of the high profile work we have done within the industry and on our own.

HighRPM have filmed for houshold names such as SBS "Speedweek" and Foxsports "Speed TV" we've worked with media personalities like Summer Boag, Amber Walker and Wayne Cottle.

Below are just a few of the notable events over the last couple of years that have kept us busy bringing the goods to legions of Australian motorsports fans.
  • The Hidden Valley series concentrating on both coverage and stock footage of the Hidden Valley Drag Strip club, state & national meetings. (Produced/Presented by Auki Henry, Edmund Forman. Presented by Tamika Barnett, Christine Watts, Heather Banham)
  • Producing the national DVD title for Universal Magazines for the 40th Anniversary of Kamfari. (Produced by Auki Henry.  Presented by Auki Henry, Heather Banham)
  • 8 TVC's for Motorsports NT Televised across all the major networks as well as the Hidden Valley rounds of the V8 Supercars in 2011 & 2012 (Produced by Auki Henry. Camera & Edit by Auki Henry & Ed Forman)
  • Blackwater Adelaide Feature (Produced by Auki Henry. Presented by Auki Henry & Tamika Barnett)
  • Filming for SBS TV's "Speedweek" program covering Drag racing at the ANDRA Pro Series Drag Racing & Aussie Slamfest rounds in Darwin as well as the ANDRA Desert Nationals in Alice Springs.  Australia Superbike and Australian Supercross Championships at Hidden Valley. (Various by Auki Henry & Ed Forman).
  • Providing photographic media services for V8 supercars and Australian Superbikes/Supercross events.(Various by Edmund Forman, Mike O'Neill, Jeremy Horvath)
HighRPM cameras covering for Speedweek on the 2013 ANDRA Pro Series Drag Racing Series

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