HighRPM presenter Tamika Barnett does a promo shoot with renowned Australian motorsports photographer Wade Aunger and Trevor Green, driver of the ADRAD Radiators sponsored S#4 Maxim.

Saturday morning at East Point nature reserve in Darwin is usually a quiet affair, the odd couple of people here and there enjoying a peaceful walk.

Any local can tell you its not normally crowded, that was until the Saturday that gorgeous HighRPM presenter Tamika Barnett turned up with the ADRAD Sprintcar team. Of course the crowds concentrated on the area directly around the shoot, and who could blame them with such a high profile local identity making a rather glamorous public appearance.

Like a true professional Tamika took it all in her stride sharing the occasional joke and smile with onlookers. Fellow presenter Auki Henry who also moonlights as media team and amateur cameraman was there to capture this early morning shoot.

Tamika Barnett Sprintcar Promo | HighRPM Spotlight from High RPM on Vimeo.

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